and delivery to your facility with a manufacturer's warranty
Advantages of the "furniture tour" service
You are able to purchase
all you need
in 5-14 days
Stay longer - enjoy the unique flavor of the cities of China
We will advise you furniture only from trusted manufacturers
You are not limited to one store, but choose from over 10,000 offers
You save at least 50%, even taking into account the cost of delivery and our services.
Most of our customers have saved up to 75% on the purchase of furniture and interior items.
— Casa Deco
How is the tour
Tour preparation
  • You fill out a form
  • We issue you a visa
  • We reserve a hotel room for you
  • We buy tickets for you
Arrival at Guangzhou airport
  • You are greeted with a sign "Casa-Deco"
  • You are taken to the hotel by car
  • You get a free Chinese SIM card to communicate with the guide
  • Assistance with hotel accommodation
Escort in shopping centers
  • The guide offers a choice of 10 shopping centers in 3 cities
  • The distance between cities is less than 80 km, and you will be taken to your destination
  • The guide always asks for a discount for you
  • You can order furniture according to the specified parameters
  • You make an advance payment for the goods 30-50%
Redemption of your goods
  • We coordinate with suppliers the date of readiness of the goods
  • We check the quality of goods at the factory
  • We buy your product from the manufacturer
  • We deliver the goods to our warehouse in Foshan
Product packaging
  • We provide you with a photo report on the receipt of the goods and its quality
  • Additional packaging for safety during transportation
Delivery of goods
  • We draw up documents for the transportation of goods
  • We load the container and ship by sea
  • We unload goods and deliver to the destination
Our clients
We will complete your hotel or restaurant basis according to the design project
Resort in Lithuania
Hotel in Krasnoyarsk
Who will control my order?
You will be provided with a personal manager responsible for your order at all its stages.
Are you signing a contract?
Yes, we sign a contract.
Do you have after-sales service?
Yes, I have. You will receive all information from your manager.
Are there additional payments?
Price guarantee and no additional payments on the basis of the contract.
Can you track where the order is?
You receive a photo report on furniture and always have information about its location.
Furniture from China
on order

  • Unlimited Choice
  • Furniture tour to China
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Guarantees and contract
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